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If you are interested in joining our team after reading the following, please send your resume or contact Lynne Alba at lynne@childspeech.net . You may also contact Lynne by calling the number above.

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We brought you to our home page so you could take a video tour of the facilities and get a complete overview of who we are and what we do. When you are finished with this section, please click the button at the end to return to the video screen.

We suggest you read the entire text of this document to get an overall and complete view of what we offer, however, if there are items of special interest to you simply click on the bulleted heading and the topic will instantly be displayed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Just by coming here we know that you are interested in the added “Career Value” that only a Private Clinical Practice can provide you.

Choosing the Right Setting to Practice (return to list)

Do you know that according to an ASHA survey (see Advance Dec12/05) only 8% of all clinicians work in private clinical practices? The vast majority of Speech/Language Pathologist (92%) work for the school system, hospitals, outpatient care facilities, and for the State or Federal governments.

While we understand that each of these settings has its own appeal and benefits, private practices, in our opinion, can offer a far richer “Career Value.”

Career Value (return to list)

Just exactly what is “Career Value?” It is your career experience practiced in an environment, which provides the optimal return on your educational investment and need to serve the “caring” field that you have chosen in the best possible environment for both you and your patients. This environment should be one that uniquely suits you and your expectations for patient care.

Simply put it is the measure of optimal professional, personal and financial enrichment.

We know you are looking for two very important conditions from your place of employment, whether you are an experienced clinician or a CFY just getting started. You want a place where your can experience your career in a truly meaningful way while at the same time enjoy the financial rewards your experience and education have earned you.

We believe that, on balance, a private practice is where these two elements most closely can be realized.

What Makes a Private Practice Setting Unique? (return to list)

The very fact that you have chosen to visit this site indicates that you are interested in the Private Practice setting. We appreciate that and would like to clarify what we believe are the benefits of this choice.

We find that most therapists initially enter the “caring profession” because they are caring people seeking to help others. There are many ways a Private Practice suits this extraordinary goal.

  • A Private Practice affords a great deal of one-to-one, or individual therapy.  There is an abundant amount of clinical literature that speaks to the benefits of individual therapy and how it is the optimal delivery model for may types of patients with speech/language disorders.  Some settings have a limit on their ability to provide this type of treatment paradigm due to a number of factors such as caseloads and the number of available speech pathologists.
  • In a Private Practice there is great opportunity to establish long-term relationships with patients and their families.   Patients, of course, have varying degrees of disabilities and needs, but therapy is frequently a long-term commitment and many families are dedicated to the process.
  • Private practices such as our own have a high degree of family involvement and parent participation.  You’ll find that we have wonderful, enthusiastic families committed to long-term care and to carrying out therapy activities and recommendations in their home and community to ensure the best success for their child(ren).  We include families in therapy, when appropriate, especially for children in the early intervention category, and always provide parent education.  This allows parents and families to learn activities and important techniques to improve their own interaction with their child as well as ways to help generalize their child’s therapy gains.
  • Additionally, in our practice, we have established a “Co-Treatment” program whereby a clinician can join the primary therapist for a portion of their session to observe and/or interact in the treatment of their patient.  We have found that there are a number of exciting benefits to this program.  For one, a patient receives the benefit of having additional clinician(s) to exchange ideas, provide a second opinion and/or give assistance.   Another benefit is that therapists enjoy the opportunity to learn new ideas and techniques, use of novel materials, and new ways to use old materials.  Therapists are also excited to be able to observe patients with etiologies, symptoms or disorders, which they, perhaps, do not have on their caseload.  
  • Our practice also allows for flexibility in our treatment paradigms. For example, on occasion and as is appropriate, two clinicians may get together with their individual patients for part of a session to facilitate certain goals or add a social component into therapy for which we specifically train.  As you can imagine this provides a much richer environment for your patient than they might otherwise experience.  This paradigm is not considered group therapy since each child has his or her own clinician present.

Other features of our Private Practice: (return to list)

  • Another important and critical consideration is that a private facility, such as ours, can afford a greater flexibility in obtaining treatment materials since they are not required to depend on committees or government funding to purchase appropriate materials and in the quantities needed.  Our clinic provides over 2000 therapy books and materials, children’s books, games, speech/language and learning CD’s and toys for your use.  It is not unusual for us to purchase specific therapy material for just a single child, when needed.   Further, we typically have the most up-to-date testing material available.  This extensive library is constantly being updated.  This prodigious collection is kept in a materials library room that is completely computerized so we can find what you need when you need it.
  • Further, to help facilitate the needs of the therapists, our practice has designed and built special mobile carts that can be used to move materials (and computers, if needed) to just the right treatment room for you.  When therapy is completed we will clean your room and put away materials so you can concentrate on therapy, not maintenance.  This allows you to concentrate on your patients to a greater extent.
  • Our practice also has a number of computers, with separate computers for administrative duties, such as writing reports, and therapy.  In regard to therapy, a therapist may have a computer brought into their therapy room, when they feel the use of a learning CD would be appropriate.  There is also a separate room with computers for treatment called our “Computer Lab.”  The Computer Lab is equipped with an Internet connection so the Web is just a click away from helping a child.
  • Therapy rooms are specifically designed to enhance treatment; they are not general office spaces.  These rooms are designed with the pediatric population in mind, whether the patient is a toddler or an adolescent.  We also a specialty rooms designed for specific purposes; they include our Computer Lab, Motor Room and Representational Play Room. 
  • Another feature that you will find useful is our fully video equipped facility.  Each treatment room has the ability to videotape a session.  This concept was originally created based on a particular preschooler who, when his session was recorded, would take the video home, watch it and practice his speech along with the video (this was wonderful especially in light of the fact that he had verbal dyspraxia).   Clinicians can, if they see it as appropriate and with parent consent, videotape for many reasons such as mentioned above or, for example, for recording progress, reviewing your own session (for example, a diagnostic session), providing training for parents, providing feedback for your patient, providing training for other staff members, and use for review by other professionals working with your patient.
  • Our clinic even maintains a small but colorful menagerie of small animals that provides reward and interest for children and their families.  In most cases, these small pets can be held by patients (with the supervision of their therapist or our pet handlers).  We find this an extremely enriching experience for our patients.

All of these features can be viewed on one of the videos provided on our home page of this site.  These videos are also a great way for parents to get acquainted with our facility prior to coming in to see us.  Your personal clinical biography will also be posted on our extensive site so parents can get to know you and your credentials.

Compensation (return to list)

This is a serious consideration for every working person who must earn a living.  Any organization looking to hire competent staff must offer a competitive salary; if they don’t, they simply will not be able to attract or keep staff successfully. 

The shortage of qualified clinicians is a matter of record and is no surprise to anyone entering the field or to potential employers.  We address this issue in an open and direct manner. 

If you have not received an offer, we would be happy to provide a figure for serious candidates. We base salaries on number of years in the field, experience and areas of expertise and start selected CFYs at $60,000.00 per year. We only ask that if you receive a better offer, we be given a chance to negotiate in response to that offer.

Our basis for establishing salary rates are: 1) our experience with other candidates and 2) our constant review of the market place and salary surveys (as can be found through professional organizations and online) at the time we are seeking candidates.

Candidates frequently want to know what their “take-home” pay will be.  That can only be answered according to each individual’s personal financial situation.  Take-home pay is based on a number of separate factors such as the number of dependents you will claim, the state taxes due in whatever state you are employed, your personal investments, home ownership, other deductions you may have and other issues.  However, one way we try to help a candidate determine this is by providing a very detailed accounting of every dollar you will earn with us.  This is presented in a proprietary computer program that computes your direct salary, the value of all the additional benefits you will earn with us, and all the state and federal programs that will be paid on your behalf.  This will include Social Security, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, etc.

Private companies pay about 15% more than the face value of your salary to various agencies on your behalf.  This means that if, for example, you are being paid $50,000.00 (for illustration purposes only) per year, your employer will pay an additional $7,500.00 on your behalf.

We also offer a $2000.00 sign-on bonus presented after three months service.

Additionally, We will pay a CFY’s initial certification as well as the first year’s license fee for your RPE.


Health Benefits (return to list)

Another topic candidates frequently inquired about is Health Insurance.  We offer HMO or PPO health insurance.  We will pay for 100% the monthly premium of the HMO plan.  You may choose the PPO plan however, we do not participate in that addition premium cost of this plan.  If you choose this added benefit we will pay 100% of the HMO cost and you would pay the differential of the added cost of the PPO program.  The premium cost is based on your age and prior health history. 

We also provide either our HMO or PPO Dental program on the same basis as our Health Insurance Package.

The state of California requires that you be employed for one full month to be eligible for health insurance.  Beyond this required month, there is no additional waiting period to be eligible.

Regarding time off for health reasons, we provide the following.  (1) You receive seven paid sick days as a matter of routine. If circumstances require additional days, we will be happy to sit down on a case-by-case basis and extend the number of paid sick days, as appropriate.  (2) We also provide three personal paid days off.  You can take these days for whatever reason you need.  Sometimes we refer to them as mental health days.


Time-off from work (return to list)

There is no waiting period to take time off.  We have this policy because we often find that candidates who join us have long-standing plans to take time off for a scheduled vacation or family event.   Vacation time is calculated on a weekly basis but may be taken when needed.  We do ask that you be responsible for “coverage” so your patents will not go untreated during your absence.  Our operational staff is always able to help you find coverage.

You are entitled to two weeks paid vacation. We also honor the traditional seven national holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, The Forth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas day.

Altogether you will be afforded 27 paid days off per year. A working year is 260 workdays long, so you will work 233 days, which is 10.75 working months per year (we have broken this down for you because we have been asked about this issue from previous candidates)..

Other time off includes a specified amount for jury duty as well as bereavement should unfortunate circumstances necessitate it.  


Other State and Federal Benefits and Other Insurances (return to list)

The clinic will pay for your Workman’s Compensation Insurance, which is provided over and above health insurance in the event you are injured or become unable to work as a direct result of your employment with the company.

We also provide you with Personal Liability insurance under our company policy.  This would be used to protect you in the event that a personal liability claim should arise out of your company clinical involvement with patients.

We will also provide 50% of your Unemployment Compensation Insurance payment.


Continuing Education (return to list)

Our practice provides for continuing education in two ways. 

First, you will attend the weekly staff meeting.  This meeting is used for the exchange of information between clinicians concerning on-going cases of interest and it provides a forum for internal and external speakers covering various subjects.  We call these lectures in-services.  Professionals from other fields or areas of specialty are invited to provide valuable education in a small group setting.  This program is valued at $1,600.00 per year and is free to you.

We also offer you a minimum of a once per year (and perhaps more depending on the cost/location of the seminar) outside seminar of your choice.  The clinic will pay your airfare anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada, your hotel expenses and a per diem food and cab fare expense.  This may include the annual ASHA or CSHA conference or other seminars of interest.  This benefit is valued at about $1200.00 and is free to you.


We Believe in a Meaningful Work/Life Balance Paradigm (return to list)

We feel that the best clinicians are people who have learned the value of balancing their careers and their personal life.

We often hear about “burnout” in the Speech and Language profession.  This burnout is likely due to exhausting caseloads and paperwork.  We feel it is important for an organization to be aware of and respond to these types of trends.

It appears there is a generally accepted caseload average of 30 therapy hours per week in many settings and this can be exceeded.  Coupled with evaluations, reports, IEPs and other paperwork work, it is no wonder that that clinicians are wondering how to squeeze it all in.

To combat this issue, our clinic has initiated a number of policies that help alleviate the problem.   For one, we have found that by typically holding therapy hours (actual therapy provided) to 28 per week and one evaluation every two weeks, that our clinicians fair much better and are able to dedicate more time to preparing and reviewing for quality therapy sessions.  Although the clinic bills less secondary to reduced clinical hours, we feel this paradigm leads to our primary goal, which is to all clinicians to provide substantive therapy that is well planned, organized and executed.  As a private organization we are in a unique position to make this concern a priority. 

Further, and to the above aim, we have an excellent administrative staff, which assists in patient sign-in, scheduling, phone calls, and therapy clean up.  We also have an office manager who does all the billing.  With this assistance a therapist can put more time into their clinical duties.

Another way we have been able to improve the work environment is to provide computerized report examples and templates for written reports.  Moreover, if reports can be completed off-site, our clinicians are free to complete the work at home, at the beach, at the park or wherever is comfortable and use their laptop or home computer.  We will provide you with a method of “dialing into our server” from your personal system so reports can be completed off–site just as easily as they might be at the office.

We also provide you with an E-Mail account where you can receive personal mail or business mail whenever the need arises.

In addition to all the above we offer “flexible work hour scheduling,” trusting each clinical associate to understand they are responsible for meeting the need to put in their forty hours on weekly basis.  This means that clinicians have the option of customizing their start and stop times for each day as well as managing their lunch time to balance their time at work.  So long as a therapist can satisfy the needs of their caseloads and patients, they are free to custom design their own working daily hours.  We trust each clinician to be responsible with their time and ours, and we believe this trust is transformed into better quality work and a better lifestyle for you.  This is a unique paradigm not possible in many settings.


Supervision and Training (return to list)

Supervision and training are vital for a successful career no matter what level of experience you have.  For therapists in their clinical fellowship year (CFY/RPE), it is crucial.  We feel it is so important that our two owners personally conduct a great amount of the supervision. 

Our President and Founder, Lynne Alba, personally supervises all clinical staff.  This supervision includes heading up the weekly staff meetings, providing at least a half hour to one hour of one-on-one meeting time, and offering clinical training, as appropriate, with each clinician on a weekly basis.  She also supervises the training of all CFYs.

Over the years Lynne has developed an impressive set of credentials in a number of areas and is recognized as a local leader in her field.  She is an excellent listener, trainer, diagnostician, and mentor.  A number of our alumni have gone on to establish their own private practices after receiving her tutorage.

Bob Alba is our Director of Operations and will take the time to personally train you on every aspect of your operational duties including E-Mail, Intra-Mail, Computer programs particular to our practice and the various forms you will need to completely integrate well into our clinic.

Much of our paperwork and reporting is now computerized and aids in making life easier for everyone.


Custom Career Plan Program (return to list)

We are not only interested in you coming to join our practice and provide services; we are interested in your long-term career goals.  Within a short time of joining our team, we will begin the process of customizing your career path while you are at the clinic.

We will ask you where your professional goals lie and what we can do to help you reach those goals.  This may mean that you have an area of specialty that you would like to pursue.  Or it might even mean that you would like to know more about management or computer sciences.  You might enjoy working with adults, adolescents or other specific populations.  You may have a particular interest in a certain type of disorder.  It is possible that you may be interested in research or even publishing case studies.

These things are important to us and we want to be an active part of you reaching whatever goal you have in your professional life.

Each clinician who comes to join us is different and has different goals and dreams, so we want to make sure that we recognize that individuality and support it actively.  There are many ways this can be done and all we have to do is explore the possibilities together.  We are always interested in investing in education and the acquisition of knowledge.  Ours is an excellent setting to be able to conceive of new programs, present them to the team, design them and then make them a reality.

Extra Pay for Project or Program Development (return to list)

There is no reason why you should not be rewarded for developing programs that profit the clinic.  We encourage all our staff to be proactive in devising new projects or programs that will enrich the experience of our patients while at the same time add value or income to the clinic.

When this happen successfully, we feel it is only natural to reward the associate who had put in that extra time and effort with a monitory reward, time off or some other form of benefit.

Paid FBI and DOJ Checks (return to list)

Since personal security for all of our pediatric patients is so important and vital, we have all associates fingerprinted and FBI and Department of Justice background checked.  The clinic will pay for your time during this process as well as for the fees that are due.

The Bottom Line (return to list)

As we said in the ad that brought you to this page, we know that a private practice setting is not for everyone.  For it to be of special value, a candidate must have a predisposition toward working in this type of setting.  Our experience is that it is best suited for those that understand the added value that a private practice setting provides for the patient as well as for their own career goals and lifestyle desirers

Negotiation, it is not over till it is over. (return to list)

It is important for you to realize that any part of this plan is negotiable. We are flexible and can give and take on issues that are important to both of us. We will be open to discussing all employment features and concerns you bring to the table. A healthy review of any employment opportunity is never complete until all options have been explored thoroughly.

We feel very strongly that, on balance, we offer a unique opportunity for this type of candidate. To summarized, we offer:

Financial Package

  1. More than competitive pay
  2. A $2000 sign on bonus
  3. Great Medical Benefits and programs
  4. A 10.75-month working year
  5. Flexible hours and schedules
  6. Pay for Program Development
  7. CYF initial certification paid as well as first year license fee for your RPE
  8. Personal Liability Insurance paid
  9. FBI/DOJ certification paid
  10. Paid Educational Plan
  11. Free E-mail account
  12. On the job illness or injury insurance contribution
  13. Social security retirement contribution

Quality of Life Benefits

  1. Superior supervision
  2. Typical 28 therapy hour Caseloads
  3. One-on-one therapy paradigms as well as small Social Skills and small Toddler Speech/Language groups
  4. High parent and family involvement and long term bonded relationships
  5. A superior facility, especially designed for a pediatric population
  6. Diverse and interesting caseloads
  7. Excellent therapy and testing materials
  8. A completely computerized facility
  9. Great operational support
  10. Team Collaboration and Co-Treat Program
  11. Great location near all points of interest, great beaches, shopping centers, one of the safest cities in the US
  12. Customized Career Plans

Return to list
Part Time Contractor Program

Many of the features of our full time employee program are also available to Part Time Contractors.  Specifically the working environment is exactly the same for full time and part time staff members.  These include Superior Supervision, one-on-one patients or small 3 groups, high parent and family involvement, diverse and interesting caseloads, excellent therapy and testing materials, a completely computerized facility, and great operational support.  Each of these is explained in detail above.

In addition, we offer a unique opportunity for a scaled pay rate based on the number of worked hours.  This rate is as follows

  • $60.00 per hour for up to 5 clinical worked hours
  • $62.50 per hour for 5 to 8 worked hours
  • $65.00 per hour over 8 worked hours

For example:

This means that a clinician working 3 clinical hours per week would be paid $720.00 in a typical 4-week month.

If they worked 6 clinical hours they would then be paid $62.50 per clinical hour on all 6 hours so they would now be compensated at a rate of $1500.00 in a typical 4-week month.

If they worked 10 clinical hours per week they would be paid $65.00 per clinical hour worked for all 10 hours so now they would be paid $2600.00 in a typical 4-week months.

In other words, the more clinical hours worked the greater the pay base rate.

In addition, we have a separate pay scale for group treatment as follows.

  • 2 kids = $67.50 p/hr
  • 3 kids = $70.00 p/hr
  • 4 kids = $75.50 p/hr
  • 5 kids = $80.00 p/hr

As you can see, we offer quite a lucrative part time opportunity.  You can work as many hours as you wish and may add hours any time we have patients available.

Typically, we are always hiring and would love the opportunity to work with you in our state of the art facility located in Torrance, California.  Our facility is located minutes from either the 405 or 110 freeways just 2 blocks west of Torrance Memorial Hospital or two blocks east of Hawthorne Blvd.

Most of our contractors are school therapists and begin therapy at the clinic around 3:30-4:00 PM, however other times are available.  We are normally closed Saturdays but if a contractor wanted to work that day, we often have parents who would like to come in on Saturday.

**We have a very strict make-up policy that really keeps absenteeism to a minimum.  We do not tolerate patients who cannot keep their appointments at least 95% of the time.  All missed sessions must be made up or we will discharge the patient.

If this sounds like an opportunity that would be right for you, please click here to e-mail Lynne Alba

* Therapists on this program must agree to work the full number of hours within each category, when patients are available.

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