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Basic Approach: Phase One: Assessment

An assessment is the procedure by which we gather specific information about your child’s levels of performance in speech and/or language. We conduct a comprehensive, individualized evaluation to determine the type of challenge(s) your child faces. This includes assessments of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Procedures to acquire this information may include clinical interview with the parent(s) and/or other caregivers, as appropriate, parent questionnaires, informal observations in natural communication situations and/or play (e.g., interview and/or observation in play and/or conversation), use of records/reports from other professionals, and formal and informal testing.

Formal testing consists of administering standardized tests, which have been standardized on children and/or adolescents and are suitable for your child’s chronological age. Formal testing may include, but is not limited to, tests that utilize visual (e.g., objects, pictures, written words/sentences) and verbal stimuli (with or without pictures/objects/written words/sentences) to determine speech and/or language abilities. Informal testing may include non-standardized clinical observations of your child in conversation and/or play and use of other informal materials and procedures (e.g., pictures, blocks, puzzles, reading material, written samples) to probe certain skill levels or skill mastery.

A full assessment typically ranges from one and a half hours to three hours depending on your child’s age and issues. Assessments are performed in a manner which allows your child to feel at ease and comfortable. For the young child, the evaluation is frequently play based and/or may involve play breaks and reinforcers (rewards). A formal speech/language evaluation report will be written after the testing is completed. This report will outline all the measures used, your child’s performance levels and speech/language diagnoses. It will show a profile of strengths and weaknesses, clarify where your child needs assistance, and include an individualized treatment plan.

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