Service Funders and Payment

We are often asked about the cost of services. There is no straight answer to this question because it depends on who is going to fund your services and the amount of time services will be provided on a session by session basis. It would therefore, not be appropriate to quote until we have determined you or your child’s needs. Regardless of the funding source, if you are interested in an evaluation, you can receive a free phone consult or in-person screening to get a rough idea of what type evaluation is needed.

1. Private Evaluations.

Please review our section on evaluations on the website title bar to see the page under the “Services” button. There you will find the five kinds of private evaluations we perform. Each can be for children or adults. There is also a description of each type of evaluation. Additionally, agencies like the Regional Centers or School Districts provide free evaluations, if you qualify. You may have already received an evaluation by them, your insurance company or elsewhere. If your evaluation is current, we can use this evaluation to start services, if you decide to see us.

2. Regional Centers.

Each Regipnal Center (non-profit agencies) provide free evaluations under certain circumstance. For speech-language evaluations, it is typically children 0-3 years of age. We work mostly with Harbor Regional Center in Torrance Ca. (310) 540-1711 and Westside Regional Center in Culver City Ca. (310) 258-4000. Please call them and explain that you are looking for a speech and language evaluation. If you qualify for services and are interested in being seen by our clinic, or services, let them know. They will explain the details.

We invoice the Regional Center.

3. The California School Districts

We have contracted relationships with the following districts:

Torrance Unified
Palos Verdes Unified
Inspire Charter School

We invoice your school district.

We are an approved Nonpublic Agency (NPA) and will accept other school districts in our area if a contract and reasonable fees can be obtained.

4. Insurance Companies

Health Care Partners, HMO
Blue Shield, PPO
Blue Shield/ILWU, PPO
Easter Seals /Kaiser
Cigna, PPO
United Health Care, PPO
Health Net-Tricare

Please check your plan or call your insurance broker for details and/or deductibles and co-pay.

We will accept other insurance companies if a contract and reasonable fees can be obtained.

We invoice your insurance provider as a courtesy.

5. Private Pay

We provide:
Individual Therapy:
Half-hour sessions
Three quarter hour sessions
One-hour sessions

Group Therapy:
Toddler Talk- one-in-a-half hour sessions
Kid Talk-one-hour sessions

*As is consistent with medical speech-language practices, included in each session is a 5-10-minute time for parent/patient education and consultation, documentation, and preparation/clean-up, i.e., one-hour sessions are 50 minutes of direct therapy, 30-minute sessions are 20-25 minutes of direct therapy, and 45-minute sessions are 35-40 minutes of direct therapy.

Please consult our Scheduling Group (310-856-8528) please ask to be transferred to Scheduling) concerning billing for Private Pay due dates.

We accept cash, check, Visa and Master Card.
We do not accept debit cards.

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