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Find a Speech Therapist in Los Angeles who works with you on an individual level to address language and speech disorders.

Our children’s speech therapy center addresses communication disorders, motor skills, and offers specific individual treatments and speech therapy options. Individual therapy, or therapy provided one-to-one, is an important therapy model in private practice. Let’s evaluate the benefits of individual speech therapy working with a speech therapist one on one vs partaking in a group therapy. Individual Speech Therapy is especially successful in Los Angeles for a variety of reasons.

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The Benefits of Individual Speech Therapy in Los Angeles?

There are a number of reasons for this, but the most important one is that the practitioner can concentrate all of their effort, energy and attention on one patient (a child, adolescent or adult with a speech disorder). Individual therapy has many advantages. There is the ability to have full attention and sharp focus on a single patient’s needs, target multiple goals, and increase the number of opportunities present to practice speech-language targets. Each patient can practice multiple skills many times and in different ways to assist with skill development and generalization. Our treatment includes the latest and most comprehensive evidence-based intervention programs, strategies and techniques. The patient’s treatment plan includes highly targeted goals which are individualized and tailored to their strengths, challenges and needs. Each therapist is also able to customize the therapy session and materials for each patient.

We also place importance on incorporating immediate caregivers and family in individual therapy as well as collaborating with other healthcare and educational providers. In regard to family, there is an opportunity for the parent or caregiver to sit in with the patient, either for part or all of the session, and learn what they do and how they learn. We foster this important parent-therapist partnership. We will give you homework as well as activities and strategies to use in your daily routines to help your loved one grow. This will facilitate carryover of skills into your home and community. It improves the quality and speed of outcomes when parents and therapists work in partnership, as a team, to teach and generalize skills. It is also possible for a sibling to attend. This allows them to learn how to play, interact with and/or coach their brother or sister so they can help and be a part of their sibling’s progress. It also helps them gain insight and knowledge into their sibling’s strengths and challenges. Peer interaction can be motivating and help generalize skills, so we also offer co-treatment paradigms. In this paradigm two individual patients may come together with their clinicians for a part of a session to work on generalization and carryover of speech-language skills. Your clinician will discuss this option with you if it is appropriate.

From toddlers to adults, we offer a wide variety of methods for providing individual therapy. Please see our video on individual therapy to give you an idea of what we do.

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Individual Speech Therapy in Los Angeles Since 1998

The clinic was founded in 1998 by Lynne Alba helping kids and adults overcome speech disorders by offering speech therapy for children, adults, and the city of Los Angeles.  At that time, it was a small private practice. It specialized in high quality speech and language evaluations and treatment.

Our Speech Therapist in LA Offers One-On-One Treatment

Treatment sessions were individual, or one-to-one. After assessment, a carefully charted treatment course was developed to form a highly targeted treatment plan. This plan included not only the latest and most comprehensive intervention programs, strategies and techniques, but it focused on individualization for each patient according to their strengths, challenges, needs, and interests. Focus was on providing a holistic environment for the patient.  Importance was also placed on incorporating immediate caregivers and/or family in therapy as well as collaborating with other healthcare and educational providers. Focus was on the individual and tailoring treatment to a patient’s unique needs. This vision continues to distinguish the clinic today. As per Lynne’s vision, would always receive “concierge services” throughout their time at the clinic.

Dedicated & Individualized Services For Adults and Kids

It is this legacy which distinguishes the clinic today. Even though it has expanded to accommodate hundreds of patients per week who arrive through a number of patient provider sources, it still treats every patient with carefully crafted, custom care. This paradigm allows us to treat every patient as an individual but still maintain the standard of a private clinic. All our skills and efforts are sharply focused on your child or you as an individual. This provides for “top drawer quality speech therapy service.”

Individual Speech Therapy vs. Group Sessions

The individual, or one-to-one (speech therapy) paradigm for intervention has many advantages.  There is the ability to have full attention and sharp focus on a single patient’s needs, target multiple goals, and increase the number of opportunities present to practice speech-language targets.  Each patient can practice multiple skills many times and in different ways in an individual setting to assist with skill development and generalization. However, peer interaction can be motivating and help patients generalize skills, so we also offer co-treatment paradigms.  In this paradigm two individual patients may come together with their clinicians for a part of a session, if appropriate, to work on social skills and/or generalization of speech-language skills. Should this seem appropriate, your clinician will discuss it with you to determine if it is appropriate for you or your child. Lynne has always insisted we focus our attention exclusively on speech disorders providing speech and language therapy services. This is all we do, and this focus makes us the gold standard.  We are totally immersed in speech and language, from diagnostics to treatment. Our therapists are constantly learning and growing in this area through continuing education, self-instruction (e.g., reading books and journal articles), and participating in inservices at the clinic. Clinicians also meet individually once a week with their supervisor to go over their cases, reports and concerns.  If your primary issue is speech and/or language, then you should consider our clinic as your best choice.

Our Approach To Language Development & Disorders

Over the years we have been asked if our clinic is somehow unique (when we help kids diagnosed with speech, language, voice, and sound disorders). The answer is that Child Speech has been the “Gold Standard” to one-on-one individual speech therapy in Los Angeles CA since 1998 for a reason. Our highly trained and elite speech-language pathologists offer their therapy expertise to the community as a whole.  Our primary focus is: the communication needs of you or your child.  We have a program for all ages of patients from toddlers and preschoolers to school-age children and adolescents as well as adults who are looking for speech therapy. Child, adolescent and adult therapy are all conducted in physical environments especially designed, selected and equipped for them.

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Language Disorder and Treatment. How Do I know The Best Approach?

Hundreds of materials are available for a wide range of patients and speech-language deficits.  Additionally, in keeping with our focus on the individual during speech therapy, each therapist customizes materials for their patients. Students from local universities who volunteer or intern at our facility help individualize materials. The clinic is also equipped with computers and iPads with programs and apps focused on various types of treatment. In addition, we also customize therapy according to a patient’s interests.  If we need a material that will motivate a patient and we do not have it, we will create or buy it.
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Our Therapists Work With Each Individual To Address Communication Disorders

In addition, Lynne discovered long ago the secret to the most meaningful communication disorder services revolved around creating a strong, meaningful patient-therapist bond. This bond includes caregivers and family. This is why our clinic invites caregivers to participate in therapy. Here we can provide education and teach families to become true partners in therapy. From the moment you enter the clinic to the last day of treatment, our staff will know your name and your story, and we will all be focused on you or your child’s therapy success.  Our inspiration is you or your child’s success. Our Los Angeles speech therapy clinic is a unique experience for the family and the patient.  It is set a modern, mature and friendly environment with a full professional staff that have all the latest tools and equipment to service you with flawless care. We are singularly dedicated to you and never compromise.

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