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Lynne Alba Speech Therapy Solutions has been providing individuals and families with speech and language therapy materials and resources for over 20 years. We are proud to extend our continuing education in understanding, thinking, learning, and discovering more about speech, language, and swallowing disorders with you. Whether you or one of your loved ones has a cleft palate, a brain injury, a chronic stutter, or another condition, we can help. We are experienced with a wide variety of therapy ideas and have drawn up all kinds of treatment plans. Our speech language pathologists work hard to keep up with the latest in the field. Whether it’s in the field of health care or what social workers are talking about, our staff, whether they’re CCC SLP qualified, SLPAs, or other highly qualified individuals, keep an ear to the ground.


Over one in ten school-aged children experience a hearing problem. Healthy hearing is important for a child’s speech and language development, communication, learning, and social development. If your child hasn’t begun speaking by age one or if you have worries about their speech and language skills, it is worth investigating. Early identification can be a huge help. Receiving treatment before they begin school can mean they don’t miss out on pre-reading skills. Acquiring English as a second language in early childhood can also complicate matters. This is especially true when you’re a parent trying to monitor your child’s development. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do at home to create opportunities for your child to initiate communication. Things like making silly, purposeful mistakes during routines with your child for them to identify. Avoid anticipating your child’s wants: give them the chance to articulate their desires. Give your child two choices for every decision, and clearly name the choices so they can reiterate it in their choice. Of course, the most important part of aiding your child’s development is praising them for their efforts. Positive reinforcement is, as ever, the best way to cement beneficial behavior as habit in a child’s mind.


We believe that the more the families of those afflicted by communication and swallowing disorders understand about the condition, the easier life can be for all. Language pathology is a specialized field of study, but understanding the disorder and how the individual can be made most comfortable is something everyone can make steps toward. We want these resources to be available to everyone so that they can help themselves and others. With the resources listed on this page, you will be in a better position to work with your loved one to help them acquire vital skills. Improvements in receptive and expressive language skills can aid students in being more attentive. They will be more able to comprehend oral instructions and understand the complexity of written texts.


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