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In the field of speech language pathology, there is a significant range of centers available across the United States. However, many of these options are private practices: for-profit organizations with limited caseloads. Luckily, there are other organizations out there to help those who can’t access private practices, for one reason or another. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association issues hundreds of CCC-SLP credentials every year. More speech language pathologists is a great public benefit, but a full time SLP is expensive. On average, a credentialed SLP’s salary is approximately $60,000 a year. That doesn’t include the salary of the support staff or insurance necessary for them to do their job, either. Non-profit organizations do have the advantage of being tax exempt. That is, so long as they can regularly prove their status to the Internal Revenue Service. However, it is still difficult to make ends meet and fulfill their organization’s mission statement of helping people with communication disorders like apraxia of speech and dysphonia. These organizations that exist solely to support the American children and adults who grapple with communication disorders deserve our respect.


Where to Find an SLP Nonprofit


Are you looking for the best speech language pathologists for non-profit organizations out there? We at Lynne Alba Speech Therapy Solutions are happy to provide assistance. After all, our mission statement is to help children and adults communicate with the whole world. If we are not in a position to offer help to your family personally, we want to refer you to someone who can.

There are numerous nonprofit organizations out there who receive funding from public charities, service organizations, or religious charitable organizations including:


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