Paola V. Franco

B.A. Psychology
Scheduling / Office Manager
310 856-8528

I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology in December 2017 at Argosy University in Ontario, CA. I learned many things that will help me with my duties in this company. For example, I learned about ethics in therapy, which will guide my interactions with staff and clients. Integrity, commitment and professionalism are a few of my guiding principles at work and in life.

One of my proudest things that I have done in life was joining the Army. I was in the Army Reserves from January 2011-January 2017. My MOS (job) was an Automated Logistic Specialist. My job consisted of making sure the vehicles were being maintained and ordering parts for them when needed. I also kept track of military licenses among many other miscellaneous tasks.

I was an administrative assistant at a construction company for three years. For most of the 3 years, I worked in the Purchasing/Materials department where I ordered the main material for all jobs and kept track of those orders. I also helped the Purchasing agent with inputting his invoices. Before this company, I was only a beginner at using Excel. But being at that company, I used Excel and Word documents on a daily basis. I learned how to use formulas and Pivot in Excel. I left with a lot more knowledge in Outlook, Microsoft and other programs.

I am a very eager learner and love learning new things. I also enjoy working with others but also work very well on my own. Since I was younger, I always enjoyed helping people out. Whether it was giving them advice, just listening to their problems or teaching them something new, it made me happy to see that I had made a difference and to see them doing better. This is one of the biggest reasons why I went into the field of psychology; I want to help people. I also absolutely love kids, so working at Lynne Alba Speech Therapy has been great. I may not work with the kids personally but knowing that I work somewhere that does help out children gives me joy. I also enjoy seeing their happy faces when they are arriving or leaving their session. I am glad to be working with and helping my fellow coworkers, so they can focus more of their time on helping the clients.

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