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If you or your loved one was suddenly taken ill, isn’t likely the whole family would rally behind that person to supply unlimited caring and support?

That is our perspective and that’s why we have always strongly supported the inclusion of the whole family in Speech and Language therapy. This is a mantra for us. Speech and language difficulties are serious and will affect not only the person being treated but their entire family.

Take a moment to think about it.  If a person’s ability to communicate is affected, whether it is early in childhood, in adolescence or as an adult, it can be extremely difficult to interact with the myriad of persons that come into their life.  It can affect their ability to communicate their wants and needs, share ideas and feelings, and form relationships.

Speech Therapy can be the difference between a more happy and productive life and one filled with limitations and difficulties in interacting, socializing and communicating.  It can become a spiritual or psychological wall as we attempt to speak or communicate with others, affecting our mental well-being. Limitations in communication affect many areas of our life, including relating to our family, socializing, forming friendships, and doing well in school or on the job.

Speech and Language therapy is not a short or easy process. The shortest cases often take months of work, the most difficult can take years. This is all the more reason for the entire family to understand and participant in the therapy process. This person will need all the caring and help you can give them as you offer encouragement, warmth and understanding when times get tough and their self esteem is in jeopardy. They will also need tangible help with homework and encouragement to practice every day and everywhere they go.   We have seen moms, dads, and even brothers, sisters, grandparents and other extended family members take a part in therapy and play vital and pivotal roles in their loved one’s remediation.

There is no such thing as too much caring and support from family. This is why we are so quick to invite all of you to ask questions, learn about your loved one’s issues, and participate in therapy. Be with and work with your loved one. You can learn invaluable techniques from your therapist and our staff.  Let us be there for you and give you the encouragement you will need to help the ones you love.

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